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Extracting the core ideas from Lucy (2014)


Lucy, in which Black Window appears in a Luc Besson movie. While we clearly expect lots of ass-kicking and general badassery, most reviews seem to agree that the sci-fi/philosophy elements in the story falls flat, according to Badassdigest, Flickfilosopher, io9, among several others.

Nevertheless, I still think the core idea is somewhat interesting and full of potential – think about it: We have a story about an average person who gets increasingly great powers through the course of the story. On one hand achieving powers and knowledge that humanity have been striving for, while simultaneously losing her own humanity. Meanwhile she is being chased by gang members, providing opportunities for amazing action scenes.

So here’s our theoretical sandbox: We have the core concept, with Scarlett Johansson in a Luc Besson movie, about an average person gaining increasingly omnipotent powers. Having learned the lessons from the reviews that point out the bad parts of the movie, what would we want from a movie like Lucy, which we never got? Let’s take a stab at this. Think of this as a reeeeaaaally long user feedback. [Spoiler warning: many plot details will be discussed]

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