The Mamak Shop (short fiction)

I didn’t know why I should be surprised. But Shrey’s Corner was not just a name, but it was actually a corner shop at the end of a block, with a narrow alleyway separating it from the next one. There aren’t many people in the shop at the moment. Which was probably why I was invited here at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon, so that I could interview the owner, Uncle Nav, who would otherwise be busy during peak hours.

I managed to find a space at the end of the next block to park my rental car. It took me a few minutes to fumble with with the parking coupon and figure out which bubbles to scrape off before placing it on the dashboard. Unlike Singapore, everything is still low-tech here. And not knowing how to read Malay makes it harder. Nevertheless, I got out of the car and locked it manually with the keys – something I realised I never actually did with my own car back in Singapore. Low tech indeed. It was a 15-year-old Proton Saga, the cheapest rental.

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