48 of #52FilmsByWomen: LuTo


LuTo (2013, written and directed by Katina Medina Mora)

[No. 48 of 52 in #52FilmsByWomen]

This movie reminds me a lot of 6 Years, both of which explores how two people who were initially crazy about each other eventually drifts apart slowly. Like most relationships in real life, the thing that drives them apart is never one particular thing, but an accumulation of resentment and unresolved feelings piling up.

Here, Louisa and Tomas are played by Patricia Garza and Juan Pablo Campa. Both of them have great chemistry and were very believable both as a couple in their blissful first few weeks, and also as a couple at their later stages of their relationship who have lived together for a long time and have gotten used to each other.

This is the second movie I’ve seen directed by Katina Medina Mora, the other one being Sabrás qué hacer conmigo and I seem to like this one better. While LuTo is shorter and has fewer subplots, the central conflict of the couple’s relationship seemed clearer to me, despite me (nor Louisa and Tomas) not being able to articulate the exact nature  in a few short words.



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