Game Review: The Room 2

Following the formula laid out by The Room, its sequel The Room 2 continues with the unraveling of the mystery introduced in the first game. While the puzzles are thematically the same, the scale of the game has evolved from focusing on a box to a room. In this room, you will be required to work on a few, thematically linked items.

I love The Room for its concept and the design of the box. In this sense, The Room 2 was a bit disappointing. The larger scale of the game meant that there are more things to work on, but it also meant that our attention was divided over the few items. I suppose the same thing happened to the developers/designers, because the items in this sequel were a little ordinary in design. Compared to the ornately designed box in the first game, I was disappointed.

This is not to say that the game is bad. It still has plenty of mind-boggling puzzles and intriguing parts that kept me going through chapter after chapter. However, it sure did lose a little of the novelty found in The Room. Part of it was due to the scaling up that I mentioned previously; while pretty much every part of the box in The Room played a part, I get the sense that there are a lot more to be discovered in each item here. Yet, it turns out that disappointingly, we will only use one or two parts of certain items.

The Room 3 is touted to be longer and at a bigger scale, but I am not entirely sure that ‘bigger’ means ‘better’. Still, there is only one way to find out, and I will definitely get my hands on it.




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