31 of #53FilmsByWomen: You Carry Me


You Carry Me (2015, written and directed by Ivona Juka)

[No. 31 of 52 in #52FilmsByWomen]

This is an anthology of three stories of people in the three separate stories about the lives of a director, makeup artist and a producer for a TV soap opera. Nevertheless, the fact that they work together in making soap operas seem almost irrelevant to the meat of their individual stories – all of which focus on different aspects of family and parenting.

The first story seemed to be the most self-contained from the other three, in which we follow Ives (Lana Baric), the TV director who’s barely scraping by to take care of her father with dementia. This is probably the most emotionally powerful story among the three as we see Ives struggle to balance her work and finding time to take care of her father, not to mention earning enough money to keep it all together. Lana Baric gave a great performance where we would empathise with her constant frustration and despair as she deals with her father who sometimes couldn’t recognise her at all.

The second story is about the of the makeup artist Lidija (Nataša Janjić), though the story focuses more on the relationship of her daughter Dora (Helena Beljan) with and Dora’s father Vedran (Goran Hajduković).

In the third story we follow the TV producer Nataša (Nataša Dorčić), who is pregnant and also suffering from a terminal illness. Her philandering husband seem to be no help in her situation at all, and oddly enough she has a much better friendship and support from Phillip, her husband’s son from a previous marriage.

You Carry Me is sometimes emotionally heavy. But it hits all the right notes where everyone could relate to, as it examines in honest clarity the various aspects of family life that everyone experiences at some point. And just like family life, the movie takes us through happy and sad moments alike.



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