10 of #52FilmsByWomen: Bright Star


Bright Star (2009, written and directed by Jane Campion)

[No. 10 of 52 in #52FilmsByWomen]

Taking place in early 19th century countryside, this is a story about Fanny Brawne and her romantic affair with famed English poet John Keats.

Abbie Cornish and Ben Wishaw has amazing chemistry as Fanny and John. The characters were introduced well within the context of the movie that it didn’t matter that I did not know much about the historical figures these actors portray. Cornish plays a brash, opinionated young woman from a somewhat respectable family. She meets two poets, Keats and his friend Charles Armitage Brown who are renting a section of their house to live in.

Most of the film takes place in and around the house where they occupy, though the sets and surroundings were gorgeous. As an avid reader of Victorial-era novels (Austen, Dickens, the Brontë sisters), it is always fascinating to see the life of 19th-century England depicted on screen.



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