10 Black holes you’ve probably haven’t heard about

Earlier this month we all celebrated the observation of gravitational waves by LIGO. Among the many rasons why this is a huge scientific and technological achievement is that this is practically a direct observation black holes.

The `black holes’ that we always hear mentioned in the news and popular media are almost always Kerr black holes. These are black holes that rotate. (That is, carrying mass and angular momentum.)






The reason why only these black holes are mentioned is that these are the ones that commonly exist in space, being created when a star collapses and dies. The mass and rotation of the black hole was simply inherited from the mass and rotation of the dead star.

Of course, General Relativity is more than just about what happens after a star dies. In the 100 years since General Relativity was formulated, theoretical physicists have found mathematical solutions describing many more types of black holes.

Here are 10 more black holes you’ve probably haven’t heard about.

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02 of #52FilmsByWomen : Room (2015)


Room (2015, written by Emma Donoghue)

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A story sometimes becomes much more interesting when told from the perspective of a child. Or more generally, from the perspective of a person whose mental state is different from ours. Seeing things from a different point of view makes us think a little harder about things that we normally take for granted. Sometimes it makes us understand things a little better. Incidentally that’s how science occasionally works.

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01 of #52FilmsByWomen: Beyond the Lights


Beyond the Lights (written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood)

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Most audiences can easily ignore plot holes and contrivances in a movie as long they’re invested in the characters. Or when the characters feel like real people, so that we’re immersed in their lives and moment-to-moment interactions that we don’t notice the plot. Beyond the Lights probably lies in the latter category.

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